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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.



CD / 2002

Price: 15,00 EUR


Carmina Slovenica Choir

Ljubljana String Quaretet
Olga Peceny, piano

From the Press

Janez Bole, in the letter

… but for the final assessment of a conductor I always wait for the touchstone of interpretational skills, that is – at least for me – the interpretation of an elemental folk song (not an adaptation). That is what happened on Thursday … Your performance was the crown of the evening and the people I spoke with shared my opinion. I had the opportunity to attend all evening events of the Slovenian cultural holiday – and this one was the most beautiful.
Short, concise and on a high artistic level.
You have shown many times that you have a subtle taste for song selection, for imagination and persuasive interpretation, which glows from your face (it can only be seen on rare conductors and it reflects in the hearts of the singers and listeners) …


Lojze Lebič: Suita Four seasons
Fran Gerbič: Ave Maria                                                  
Josip Ipavec: Winter song
Emil Adamič: Evening                                                          
Marjan Lipovšek: So še rožce                                       
GNI: Bog daj, bog daj, dober večer         
Alojz Srebotnjak: Fireflies                                            
Uroš Krek: Aj, zèlena je vsa gorá                                 
Pavle Merkú: Čarni kus II                                               
Priredba zapisa GNI Karmina Šilec: Da pa Canynu 
Priredba zapisa GNI Karmina Šilec: Da citira Kafölawa
                                                       Ta črni patök                                             
Vladimir  Hrovat: Da höra ta Ćaninawa                       
Lojze Lebič: Upanje