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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.


endemic songs

part of a choregie project BABA, inspired with Balkan sworn virgins

VOGP Music of survival

The emblem of what the music really is about

VOGP idea of hope and beauty echoing from the music of female vocal orchestra in Japanese WW2 internment camp on Sumatra.

VOGP testimony of women’s capacity to survive, of their persistence, solidarity and creativity

VOGP extraordinary legacy of determination and strength in unimaginably terrifying conditions

VOGP the complex relation between music and trauma ─ when music becomes a universal symbol in suffering and the ultimate sanctuary in despair




Musical response to marvels

Minoriti Church Maribor, 22.3. 2018 

Performed by:
Ensemble !Kebataola!
Carmina Slovenica
Artistic director: Karmina Šilec

Music: Gregorian chants, Kassia, Hildegard of Bingen, Codex Calixtinus, Codex Las Huelgas, Roman de Fauvel, Orthodox chants, Karmina Šilec, etc.

David Lang: The little match girl passion

We sit and cry


Astonishing and haunting the little match girl passion sets Andersen’s fable in the form of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. In Lang’s own words, ‘the suffering of the Little Match Girl has been substituted for Jesus’, elevating […] her sorrow to a higher plane’.

The Andersen fable is dark, one of those children's stories that still startles in its brutality. The little girl is sent out by her abusive father on New Year's Eve to sell matches. While she tries unsuccessfully to sell matches on the street she warm and distract herself by lighting matches, which summon comforting memories of her grandmother's house on Christmas morning. As she slowly freezes to death, the memories and visions become more vivid until they envelop her. She is found dead in the morning, clutching a handful of burnt-out matches but wearing a beatific smile.

élégance à la française

Discovery and redisocovery

France is widely regarded as a cultural hotbed - from medieval troubadours, major centers for musical development in European Renaissance, followed by baroque François Couperin and Jean-Philippe Rameau or opera masters such as Jean-Baptiste Lully, Georges Bizet, Jules Massenet or Léo Delibes; and nothing reveals this more than names such as Hector Berlioz, Francis Poulenc, Maurice Ravel, Eric Satie, Camile Saint-Saëns, Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Boulez or Edith Piaf.

Gavin Bryars: Laude Cortonese

Marian hymns inspired by paraliturgical medieval music from Tuscany

The roots of the collection Laude Cortonese can be found in the world of medieval music. The spirit and feeling of the pieces are based on melodies from Laudario di Cortona – a manuscript from the second half of the 13th century. The British composer Gavin Bryars is a synonym for innovative modern art music. His artistic work is marked by eclecticism, improvisation, sophisticated use of humour, exploration of non-traditional approaches to creative processes, unique lyricism and theatricality of his pieces. 

Na juriš in the mood!

From marching songs to swing

From marching songs to swing. Na juriš in the mood! with music from the time of the fight against fascism. From music of pre-war Paris, Jewish, French music and Italian partisan songs, American swing to Slovenian partisan songs.



Most beautiful spiritual music from different religions

The concert Invocations is a unique architecture of music and words that outwardly expresses a circuit of very different spiritual traditions, and radiates the same message: a personal spiritual confession. The juxtaposition of selected music brings confrontation, contemplation and a deep spiritual experience.

O Successores

Arvo Pärt and medieval music

O Successores is a unique combination of the East and the West. It is the music of the past and the present. The music of Arvo Pärt, one of the most eminent composers of our age, and the sound of vocal medieval music are timeless, eternal and open.


Songs of Sanctuary

Musical/visual current is the architecture which formed around us; we are deep inside, the view, the hearing is bent and born anew.
We look at each thing, each experience anew, turn it around. Thoughts that give new meaning to music and transfer it to other spheres call on associations, reminiscence, create new images, new states. 

Musica Inaudita

Music by cloistered female composers

The project Musica Inaudita (lat. music not yet heard) encompasses works by cloistered women composers from the 9th to the 17th century, from Kassia of Byzantium to the nuns from Lombardia, from the prophetess Hildegard to Mexican baroque female musicians.

Pleading for words

Slovenian spiritual creativity

Music, especially singing, and words have always served as a link with gods, with spiritual worlds.
Pleading for Words is a unique architecture of music and text that demonstrates contact between very different aesthetic criteria on the outside, and glows from within with the same devout message: a personal spiritual testimony. Juxtaposition of Slovenian early music and Slovenian poetry and music of the 20th century introduces a thrilling confrontation, contemplation, and spiritual experience. Music and poetry have convergences in the spiritual which works timelessly, eternally, open.  


Music of the two Americas

The program Americas consists of several thematic parts: spiritual music, gospel, traditional music of the indigenous people, Latin American music, jazz, contemporary music and legendary music of the singers such as Bette Middler, Nat King Cole, Connie Francis, or Andrews Sisters.


Concert of Jewish music

Jewish music is the music of the Jewish people which evolved over the time and throughout the long course of Jewish history. In some instances Jewish music is of a religious nature, since spiritual songs and refrains are common in Jewish Services throughout the world, while at other times, it is of a secular nature.

Drum Café

Music for voices and percussion

Drum Café brings a fresh selection of music for voices and percussion instruments. The repertoire is variegated and coloured with ethnical atmosphere of European north and south in their characteristic vocal techniques. The programme consists of diverse musical works: from Ukrainian ethnical solo voice with quartet of percussion instruments, the Swedish ethnical duet with timpani, Indian singing to vigorous Balkan ethnical music.

The Door

Concert of Orthodox music

The programme of Dveri (The Door) is a selection of music from Byzantine, Greek and various Slavic backgrounds and reflects different times and places in music history of the Eastern Church. Music heritage of the Orthodox Church is based on the worship linked to the time of ancient Greek patriarchs of the Old Testament. It is based on the fundamental traditions from Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Constantinople and Rome, as well as Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Carpathian and Bulgarian traditions.


Balkanika is the essence of Balkan people collected in songs

A beautiful fusion of rhythms, archaisms of Byzantine liturgy, humoresques, mourning songs, love tunes, virtuosic improvisations and sonorous colours of vocals​.
Balkan music is seductive and hardly ever leaves the listener untouched. Balkanika does not merely touch you, it strongly embraces you. The body responds – with a smile perhaps or swaying with the rhythm. It is temperamental, clear, erotic, brave and open-spirited. We love it and it keeps returning strong feelings.

Brez kikl´ce

Slovenian musical and dance folk tradition

Together with Boštjan Gombač and Janez Dovč, our two musical guests, we recalled our memories, and thus the old Slovenian folk songs were given a new folk image.

O Deus

Concert of sacred music

The music stream of O Deus programme is a unique architecture of sacred music revealing several yet unknown composer names and bringing the fresh concert program from choral music and medieval polyphony to the renaissance and early baroque motets and the music of African missions.


Unique combination of the past and the present

The passion, the human striving to create a bridge for the soul's ascent from earth to heaven. As if in response to quiet forces of supernatural moments, when paths of humanity and divinity meet, composers marked each of their pieces and formed them into a unique artistic response to the Christian story, each of them alone and in in a different way. 


Musical Tradition of the First Nations

new in May 2018

Concert choir Carmina Slovenica
Conductor Karmina Šilec

STABAT MATER Letters to A son

"Will you be mine?"

"Will you be mine?"

For voices, acoustic and electroacoustic instruments

A meditation inspired by Marie Guyart - Mary of the Incarnation (1599 – 1672)

Texts: Marie Guyart: From Mother to Son: The Selected Letters of Marie de l’Incarnacion to Claude Martin


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