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Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.

DERT endemic songs

DERT endemic songs

CD / 2021

Price: 25,00 EUR



performed by: CHOREGIE New Music Theatre 

Ana Babič, Amina Bašić, Petra Kozar Bežan, Mojca Borko, Nuša Breznik, Jasmina Črnčič, Simona[sk1] Eder, Julija Gaube, Eva Germ, Sintija Habjanič, Barbara Juteršek, Mojca Kamnik, Alja Lačen, Kaja Lekš, Mirjana Mandič, Biserka Petković, Nina Pušenjak, Kaja Rutar, Ana Sandrin, Nežka Struc, Ana Studen, Neža Šauperl, Livija Toure, Sara Toure

reading: Nežka Struc

artistic director: Karmina Šilec


head of recording and first editing:  Mojca Kamnik

mastering: Danilo Ženko

From the Press

Human behavior is dictated not only by the living conditions, but also by the decisions a person makes. In different circumstances, in the most favorable or in the most difficult ones, we remain different. But in extreme conditions much more is revealed. In the way we respond, we always remain free. When our lives seem to start losing their former meaning – which can happen to anyone – we all wonder where this void comes from and what can fill it for us. Man is just a being who lives for someone and/or something. 

The DERT endemic songs project was created entirely during the rule of the coronavirus. In the midst of the mighty unmanageable natural forces, as an expression of human creativity and power, music came in.Human, or even more than just ‘human’, it worked in this anxious time as we helplessly watched the stagnation of the whole world. Music as a guarantee of the meaning of the world brought to the brink of disaster. We absorbed the sounds and our thoughts drifted away from fear and loneliness, and recalled the beauty of our previous lives.

The rehearsals were conducted at home, individually, occasionally online. The performers used smartphones to record their own sections of the work-in-progress at home, which we later stitched together into the present recordings.

That is why this album is a remarkable document of this special period, dedication and focus of singers. The recordings we created gave sound to the mysterious power and spirit of the music, captured the lost moments in time, drove away the gloom, uncertainty and fear. They are a testament to this time. 

(Karmina Šilec)


1.songs from afar  4.36

2. glass masks  5.00

3. ancient vocabularies 4.34

4.stealing life of father  4.47

5. poetic galaxies       3. 37

6.pleasures of touch   3.25

7. last rite        3.59

8. up again           3.36 

 9. incantations     3.12 

10. heaven     4.47

11. coffees        3.28