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Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.

Gavin Bryars: Laude Cortonese

Gavin Bryars: Laude Cortonese

CD / 2017

Price: 15,00 EUR


Performed by: ensemble ¡Kebataola!
Performers: Urška Breznik, Nina Dominko, Mojca Potrč
Artistic director: Karmina Šilec

Music preview

From the Press

 …It would be quite a surprise if Kebataola,… under the artistic director Karmina Šilec, would prepare anything conventional.
…cultivated and mutually well-tuned vocals additionally emphasize the solemn rapture that is usually characteristic of religious ceremony…



Lauda 1: Venite a laudare

Lauda 2: Laude novella

Lauda 3: Ave donna santissima

Lauda 5: Altissima luce

Lauda 7: Ave, regina gloriosa

Lauda 8: Regina sovrana

Lauda 10: O Maria, d’omelia

Lauda 15: O Maria, Dei cella

Lauda 17: Ave, vergene gaudente

Lauda 18: Cristo é nato et humanato

Lauda 21: O divina virgo, flore

Lauda 25: Dami conforto, Dio