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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.



CD / 2019

Price: 15,00 EUR


Vocal orchestra VOGP  

conductor: Karmina Šilec 

Music preview

From the Press

... mature, well-trained voices created a sound and artistic energy that is rarely heard and unforgettable ... outstanding musical expression ... doubtlessly, in these states of the soul the feelings and the mind of the artists or performers project a spear of redemption in an artistic expression that is most free and most liberating ... a magnificent experience, touching and bitter at the same time ... Večer 

... privilege to experience the sounds of the Slovenian women’s choir Carmina Slovenica ... 
... a touching concert by the Vocal Orchestra Carmina Slovenica under the inspirational conducting of Karmina Šilec ... the sound quality of the choir impressed to such an extent that one at times could imagine hearing the original instrumentation …  

… Šilec showed an insight into not only the vocal genre, but also the original works in her choice of tempi and a variety of vocal colours employed to interpret each work individually. Each voice group had its own character and contributed to the vocal tapestry with a great measure of responsibility and integrity. With a very well executed vocal legato and flawless and admirable intonation the choir took listeners on an emotional, but also rich artistic tour through beloved melodies ... Tageszeitung 

... different, unconventional music-making with the deepest emotion ... under the sublime conducting of Karmina Šilec ... perfected musicianship ... you are touched not only by glorious voice,s but also the attitude ... Everything ran glamorously, mind-blowingly: rich sound, clear intonation … heartbreaking grace and beauty of alto voices ... POLE 


Antonin Dvořák: Largo (from symphony From the New World) 

George Frideric Handel: Pastoral symphony (from oratorio Messiah) 

Frédéric Chopin:  Prelude op. 28, No. 20 (Funeral March) 

Frédéric Chopin: Prelude op.28, No.15 (Raindrop) 

Ludwig van Beethoven: Minuet in G-major, No.2 

Johannes Brahms: Waltz No. 15 (from Op. 39) 

Rutland Boughton: Fairy Song (from The Immortal Hour) 

Johann Sebastian Bach: "Jesu bleibet meine Freude" (from Cantata Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben, BWV 147) 

Antonin Dvořák: Humoresque 

Maurice Ravel: Bolero 

Irish tune: Auld Lang Syne 

Margaret Dryburgh: The Captives Hymn