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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.

Nolite tacere / Translated in Music digital

Nolite tacere / Translated in Music   digital

Book / 2020

Price: 15,00 EUR

From the Press

... The Slovene conductor and artistic director Karmina Šilec subtly caught between the covers of her beautifully designed book her artistic spirit and offered to the readers her own thoughts, interviews, intimate and inspirational ideas as well as her year-long music explorations. The texts, which often took shape during the making of the concerts of Carmina Slovenica and other complex projects, are witnesses that with her daring, socially and musically provoking ideas the author breaks with the taboos and courageously enters the as yet unexplored artistic landscapes. She speaks up for the music which calls for different listening, contemplates the cultural identity of the nation, the role of music pedagogues and conductors. She is inspired by a sensitive intertwining of music and movements, by the great power of gospel and spiritual, she thinks about the healing power of music, the discovering of the spirit in the sound, and much more. She writes a sentence somewhere, saying that "…all good music creations require hard work and discipline, lots of talent and will, lots of love and giving", and after reading this book one can claim without doubt that Karmina Šilec has got all of it andmore.  Renata Ruglej, BUKLA


... One has to get to effective strategies oneself, there are no royal shortcuts leading there, which is the reason why Karmina Šilec is uncatchable and always a big step ahead of the competition.This is not a dull didactic aid, the book is interesting reading in which pedagogical principles, contemplations are intertwined, reaching into various fields of creativity, as well as memoirs which illustrate the outstanding concert path of the most eminent choir in Slovenia. Peter Rak, Delo


... Due to the versatile knowledgeableness in music and suggestiveness of texts, the book Nolite tacere / Translated into music can be ascribed an exceptional didactic meaning…

…… the book Nolite tacere / Translated into music by Karmina Šilec reveals all those intellectual, psychological, philosophical and spiritual layers which an individual – more or less hidden from the eyes of her performing group and the public – lives in her own artistic daily routine. 

Urša Šivic, Odzven