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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.

… The art of choral singing of the choir, led by Karmina Šilec, and also their performance on stage, leave a strong impression. … a big applause for the dedicated performing girls …
Die Deutsche Bühne

World's media about us

…Threnos (for the Throat) is a masterly example of exciting music theatre, brimming with surreal moments, deeply emotive and gripping ...
Arts Talk Magazine


… THRENOS (for the Throat) is an exciting piece not only because of the ritual in which it engages the audience, but also because it has a strong message. The notion of understanding nature and reflection of society through the metaphor of mourning animals, stands as an experience in which connection is assured. Also the musical composition stands out as a invocation for communities, and for beauty that is given an inspirational interspace for internal reflection by the strong formality of the staging (Jury of Music Thetare Now 2021)

…The grandiosity of the staging rivals what one might see at the Met…an overwhelming aural and visual experience… Šilec presents her arcana with a heavy dose of beauty and wonder…"
Theatre Mania

… vibrantly theatrical, genre-blurring, unusual in its techniques, eclectic in its musical style and politically charged… one hopes CS will become a regular visitor to New York…
The New York Times

… breathtaking and equally relevant multimedia suite…A Sonically Thrilling, Disquieting Premiere For Karmina Silec’s Toxic Psalms…
New York Music Daily

… striking new work by the rabidly talented Carmina Slovenica…The ensemble and its director, Karmina Silec, have created haunting images…
The New York Times

…Carmina Slovenica is the musical answer to Bausch's groundbreaking concept of Tantztheater… provocative pastich… the true highlight is the singing. Indeed, Šilec has helped to shape these young women into crack musicians…
Opera World

…Carmina Slovenica are in your face, created by women, driven by women, not afraid to show their teeth or shout down injustice…pure talent and virtuosity is astounding…. the languages, time periods, and cultures blurred into visceral emotion and reaction ...
San Francisco Classical Voice

…Toxic Psalms" adds a savage yet polished theatricality to the mix as well as an ambiguity all too rare in American performance. …all add up to an evening that’s bracing yet, perversely enough, enchanting...
The New York Times

...jaw-droppingly gorgeous singing…strikingly staged by Karmina Silec…Visually the show was elegantly spare…The women of Carmina Slovenica are collectively and individually heroic.., they sent their voices pealing out like a band of angels… 
New York Observer

… power of the performers… haunting theatrical moments …
Wall Street Journal

… At times somber and meditative, at times visceral.. incredibly talented young women of Carmina Slovenica remind us that a collective can also be a positive power… With its high-contrast details, Toxic Psalms at times resembled a more budget-conscious Robert Wilson production.. the performance’s message was often submerged by the incredible visuals ...


... Theaterspectacle… a theater which aims for perfection in any discipline…
... audience can not do much more than almost breathless look and marvel at so much quality… 
… Carmina Slovenica brings a constant stream of ideas, voice, movement, and impressions - and dosed - emotions. 
... a well trained group of thirty women, who control both voice and movement…
Opera Magazin

… crystal-clear voices with theater order make an impressive performance …
… Carmina Slovenica is not only a women's choir performing at top level; the discipline and mastery of the singers are incredible without hampering the liveliness of the concert …
… with such music and statements you have no further need for any theatrical violence ...

… a nightmarish collage on the theme of religious violence is the fascinating opening presentation of the annual music theater Rotterdam Opera Days …

… Theatrical singing at top level …
… beautiful voices and an extraordinary theatrical instinct ...
… not only their voices, but also their bodies are their instrument. Extreme discipline in larynxes and limbs and the excellent musicality give you goose bumps. In this sense they brought theatrical singing to the top level. That will again be the merit of Šilec?

… the opening presentation Toxic Psalms of Carmina Slovenica was well chosen: overwhelming and unconventional music with no plot, where from beginning to end you are on the edge of your chair. The vocal theater of artistic director Karmina Šilec built artfully choreographed scenes around fantastically sung music.
… intense performance of the choir and the rhythm of the show were really good ...
NRC Handelsblad

… the mighty but graceful Slovenian women’s choir …
New York Music Daily

... Some listeners will recall the raw feminine energy of "Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares," while others will see parallels with the work of Heiner Goebbels and David Lang. All will be moved by the show’s condemnation of "men killing for the glory of their psalms ...
The New Yorker

... striking new work by the rabidly talented Slovenian female vocal ensemble Carmina Slovenica ...
 The New York Times

... radiantly sung musical selections ...
The New York Times

... Ms. Silec is savvy about maintaining dramatic momentum, and the performers execute every shift in tone with subtlety and agility ...
The New YorkTimes

... The ensemble and its director, Karmina Silec, have created haunting images ... 
New York Times

… while intoning glorious straight harmonies, which occasionally stop on a dime to spine-tingling effect. The sound is medieval and ecclesiastical, yet distinctly modern. It often feels like peering into an avant-garde nunnery ...
Theatre Mania

... All of the material is conveyed with commitment and precision from this highly skilled vocal ensemble. In addition to making her cast sound extraordinary, director Šilec makes great use of the depth of St. Ann's Warehouse, having the cast emerge from the far-upstage shadows and bringing them face-to-face with the audience downstage ...
Theatre Mania

... A Visceral Slide Into Darkness ... 
The New York Times

... The excellent singers swirl, march, gesture and pose in the gloomy, cavernous space while singing music ranging from Pergolesi’s "Stabat Mater" to pieces by contemporary composers from Scandinavia to Slovenia. … 
Wall Street Journal

… innovative theater company Carmina Slovenica …
France Press

... The choice of music spanned the centuries and the globe and was all the more fascinating, and relevant, for the ambitious and striking arrangements of all but one of the older works. And while it wouldn’t be exactly accurate to characterize the movements of the choir as dance – Silec calls it "choregie" – the choreography was just as ambitious, and amplified the disturbing quality of the performance ...
New York Music Daily

... Why, then, did I leave St. Ann’s smiling? Because "Toxic Psalms" proves that with even the most somber material, there can be delight in sheer virtuosity, in the intensity of live performance and in being introduced to a group one hopes will become a regular visitor to New York ...
New York Times

... Silec’s direction toyed with crowd dynamics on both the conformist and nonconformist sides with a coldly sardonic humor that offered momentary respite from the lingering bleakness of the music ...
New York Music Daily

... Hooting, Hissing and Ululating to Protest Man’s Inhumanity… 
New York Review

… Carmina Slovenica (under conductor Karmina Šilec) is a phenomenon in itself …

Financial Times

… Carmina Slovenica has gained a world-wide reputation with the powers of story-telling through choral song …

The Telegraph

... They radiate fantastic energy ... and professionalism on stage ... 
Le Monde

...ensemble "Carmina Slovenica" masterfully perform a variety of music...
Vedomosti, Moskva

… Musical partner that can only search for an equal in Europe: Vocal Theatre Carmina Slovenica is the name of this fascinating choral formation from the Slovene Maribor …

Neue Musik Zeitung

… masters of complex rhythms, fine tuning in both tonal and dissonant repertoire, extended vocal techniques, dynamic variety, dance and gesture, and expressive communication …

San Francisco Classical Voice

… joyous moments of collective energy or anarchy that these incredible singers had expressed, and the piece of art itself really came alive …

The Telegraph

… the best part of the production is a precise ease with which the girls of Carmina Slovenica bring in the element of improvisation, full of phantasy …
… It is almost astounding with what skill, body control, precision and speed the girls perform, individually and as an ensemble, when they act, speak, sing.
… What the choir presents is highly professional.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

… The art of choral singing of the choir, led by Karmina Šilec, and also their performance on stage, leave a strong impression.
… a big applause for the dedicated performing girls …

Die Deutsche Bühne

... in all positions the girls fully master all techniques at all times, and slide through the rituals of growing up with astonishing perfection of mature artists.

Le Monde

... These performers are thrilling singers … musically brilliant concert ...

The Sidney Morning Herald

… singing is the highlight of this production …

Herald Sun

… these vibrant young women have not only a glorious, harmonic vocal quality, but also a joyful commitment and vitality that makes this production captivating without it being profound or challenging ...

Herald Sun

 … Under the artistic direction of Karmina Silec, the choir employs both the pure tones of classical vocal techniques as well as the raw sound of open throat singing that is common in Eastern European traditional songs ...

Herald Sun

They were present, first of all, as artists: not only as singers, but as performers who literally built the show in front of our eyes, from objects scattered about on a bare stage. I don’t know how they managed the precision of their complex choral work without a conductor to keep them in time. They generated a dizzyingly beautiful choreography of bodies and furniture; they literally winched up a heavy bank of lights and constructed a miniature stage. And they sang. How they sang.

ABC Arts

… outstanding impulsiveness …
… in the ability to create a full spectre of dynamics out of almost nothing …
... they sing wonderfully and sensually at the same time ...

Lublinski Kurier

…  brilliant girls’ choir from Slovenia captivated the audience … It was simply brilliant!

Europa Cantat Magazine

… first-class performance of mastery and bravura …
… top European quality choir…

IFCM Bulletin

... They can do anything: speak naturally in English, look the audience in the eyes and wait who will be the first who laughs (guess who wins?), scream, stay quiet, sing, with that marvellous energy, composure and professionalism ...

Le Monde

… marvelling at the choral power of the cast …

Herald Scotland

... conductress Karmina Šilec doesn’t "train" the girls only how to sing, but also in free improvisation, in effective short staged representations, body actions, choreographic configurations and movements … 
… It is almost astounding with what skill, body control, precision and speed the girls perform, individually and as an ensemble, when they act, speak, sing.


… great technical skill in singing … highly disciplined thespians …

Opera Lively

... Carmina Slovenica vocal theatre beams like laser through the soul ...
... total sharp intonated tones without vibration shoot through the soul like laser beams ...
… you have to hear and see it to be able to believe it …



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