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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.

… radiate fantastic energy, composure and professionalism on stage ... In all positions fully master all techniques at all times with astonishing perfection ...
Le Monde

Expert opinions

… The Slovene choir's place is on world stages between Berlin and San Francisco …

… I am deeply impressed and thrilled. Your conducting is much more than a first class aesthetic experience – it is an interpretation of life.

Paul Wehrle, Germany

… Carmina Slovenica is a choir which can be an example to all. It chose an original repertoire, it is creative, but it is mostly distinguished by its disciplinary work and professionalism. I congratulate Carmina Slovenica for an excellent performance at this festival, and I congratulate to Slovenia for having such a choir.

Maria Guinand, Venezuela

... a pure pleasure for me, due to their ability, ambition and excellent concentration. Bravo!
… In my opinion the Carmina Slovenica choir and their conductor are a real national treasure and Carmina Slovenica absolutely one of the best choirs in the international youth and children choral movement.
... and one of the true stars, performing  here and elsewhere in the world, is Carmina Slovenica choir. Among children and youth choirs of the world, this choir is the one the most beautiful.

Erkki Pohjola, Finland

… I am such a fan of your creative and honest way of presenting choral music - this brings fresh dimension to the art. I love the sound quality that you get out of your groups!

André van der Merwe, Republic of South Africa

All members of the jury share the same opinion that the performance of Carmina Slovenica was the best we have ever heard on choral competitions …

Steen Lindholm, Denmark

... a magic goddess of wonderful young and magnificent living female theatre ...
… I have known this choir for many years. This is one of the important choirs in the world. Karmina is maybe the most advanced choir director in this field - of singing with young persons. She is not at all only focused on the tradition, she is really going forward and I don't know any other choir conductor so totally linked with new ideas and new presentations as Karmina. This is a wonderful choir.

Paul Wehrle, Germany

… The girls might even be the best corpus I have ever worked with in this way. Working with Carmina Slovenica and their conductor was a pure pleasure for me ...

… The choir has a wide range of expression. This is an excellent girls’ choir, an important representative of its culture. Congratulations on the good work and good luck in the future.

Erkki Pohjola, Finland

… I can say that I like Carmina Slovenica’s sound. There are not many opportunities to listen to such outstanding choir singing.

Vytavtas Miškinis, Lithuania

… Choral sound is always focused. There is great dynamic range here, very sensitive interpretative singing. Fine rhythmical sense and superb tuning. Altogether very professional singing and a joy at the same time. Thank you for great performances at this festival! This is a marvelous choir, beautifully in tune with fine discipline, very strict rhythmic sensitivity and sure sense of ensemble and balance. I am very impressed with the various colours which the choir is capable to produce. The performance moved me very much.

Dr. Elmer Eiseler, Canada

Your specific way of dealing with choral music, to go deep into the texts, telling a story, the rhythmic precision, the clearness of sound, the extraordinary intonation, the voice control and different voice techniques used, the dynamic range, the focus and "being there" and awareness of each member of the choir, the soloists from the choir, the percussionists from the choir, the fabulous artistic level of the choir, I did not spot one single singer loosing focus for even the shortest moment in all concerts, the brilliant choice of music and the order which they were put together in the program, the clever in-betweens that glued the pieces together without losing the pulse and nerve of the whole concept, 80 minutes of complex music in different languages by heart, the absolutely wonderful encores etc. I could go on forever. I believe you made an impact on the Swedish choral community …

Bo Nilsson, Sweden

Your projects are grandly creative!
Incredibly, amazingly. Your creativity and the singing of your young women again and again carries me off into another world. I've never seen something similar to this, anywhere at all. Your creative musical vision is such a "cutting-edge" and proves what an innovation the choral singing can be. Thank you, Karmina  ... and, please, pass acknowledgements on to the singers! They are amazing.

Dr. Marian Dolan, USA

This was the best and most touching concert for a long time. Thank you for this very special evening!

Franz Herzog, Austria

… You are very deserving and are a great ambassador of your country. Thank you for your high artistic standards and your contribution to choral art.

Royce Saltzman, USA

… Your work is truly recognizable all around the world.

Reijo Kekkonen, Finland

I am surprised! When we met with your choir in 1994 you left an indelible mark in my memory. Now I am aware of the excellence of your work with the choir, which inspires me to do the same with my own choir. I want to thank you for that … And I am already thinking about projects that would be different than the rest of the concerts …

Mark Antony Caprio, Philippines

... I'm a big admirer of Slovene choir. This love has began when I was seventeen participating in the festival America Cantat in Caracas, where for the first time I met Carmina Slovenica. I was immensely fascinated by the type of performance of challenging staging and difficult music, which I've never seen so perfectly carried out. That performance has strongly affected the attitude of Venezuela to the contemporary choral music. It triggered the whole movement ... I am following the singers all over the world, admire the performances of CS, their artistic output, innovation, and the wonderful result achieved by these girls.

Hernan Alcala, Colombia

… I have been meaning to write to you for a while now to tell you how outstanding your choir was in Caracas. Incredible! Congratulation on your very cohesive, musical, and fearless presentation. Your girls are very accomplished and understand the tasks perfectly.

Morna Edmundson, Canada

… What an absolutely wonderful recording you have done! You have found the right mood, it was well in tune and it moved my heart.

Erik Westberg, Sweden

... I believe the choral music in Slovenia is at its summit. See the choirs such as Ave, Ljubljana Vocal Academy and Carmina Slovenica.

Anton Nanut, Slovenia

… I am not talking about the ability of the singers to sing such a long and difficult a capella programme with such precision. I am not talking about how engaged they are in every sound and movement they make. I am talking about the level and scope of your artistic work. I am talking about your fantastic sensitivity for balance and proportion, space and form. I am talking about the intertwining of voice and movement, colours and rhythms. I am talking about your remarkable mind which leads you into such depths, to such borderlines and such dimensions where no one has yet dared to walk.
… It is obvious that there is a real leader behind this, one who only demands from others what she demands from herself.  
First of all, I want to congratulate you for the special prize you've received. With no doubt, you are a unique artist and you deserve to have been chosen for this award ...
… it is hard to decide what was the strongest impression of this innovative production: is it absolute precision? Is it the wild visual imagination? Is it the absolute accuracy of the performance?
Is it this grand idea to perform with girls only at such a high level (where in the world did you find so many excellent instrumentalists?)?
… Or is it the clear stage performance? Is it the fantastic kind of dynamics, accomplished to perfection? It is all probably combined with the most important elements: involvement, absolute and determined commitment of the girls, an evident desire to share music with the audience.
.. You have made a big impression on me! There is no doubt that you have a lot to give to the world of choral singing and I am happy for you, for the special awards you are receiving this year.
Let my heart-felt congratulations reach you, for the excellence of your pedagogical and artistic work …

Maya Shavit, Israel

It was a great privilege to hear the extraordinary singing of Carmina Slovenica under the direction of Karmina Šilec. This choir is a brilliant ensemble that has a huge range of colours to meet the demands of every kind of repertoire available for the treble voice.

Jean Ashworth Bartle, Canada

… I am watching Placebo, and am not sure where to begin. Beautiful. Entrancing,  it is as though time is suspended.
… Now I see the trembling of Decreation. The baroque frame looks AMAZING! Fabulous! I love this scenery and the lighting, Karmina. Super. The panels look so good. The dancing is so lovely, and I really appreciate the perspective of the camera. Karmina, I love what you wrote to follow Chocolate Jesus. The final tableauxes are glorious.
Genius. Just genius.

Kristina Mac Mullen, USA

... Dear Karmina, I am deeply respectful to your work.

Eduardo Andrés Malachevsky, Argentina

… I am especially enraptured with the breadth of vocal expression applied in your work.
... With a deep respect for Your work, I am sending You kind regards.

Bojan Pogrmilović, Croatia

On such a high, elite, creative level, as it is nurtured by Carmina Slovenica, we practically don’t have a single group that would cherish a symbiosis of classical music and new approaches to exploring of music. This is a phenomenon we are yet to grasp in this country …

Anne Tomlinson, USA

... For me it was new and exciting.
… I admire a strong membership of girls in the process by which they "infect" the entire space.

Yana Deliradeva, Bulgaria

... a great admiration and interest for  your work. Your approach to interpretation of choral music is fresh and innovative ...
... once again, thanks for your wonderful contribution to the choral art!

Jane Warren, USA

... I simply fall in love with this choir ...

Gary Leger, USA

… It was very moving and my respect and honour for your extraordinary talent and vision!
… congratulations for your important work …
… sincere and best congratulations …

Sharon A. Hansen, USA

… the choir is wonderful, no doubt this is one of the best choirs in the world …

Waldo Aranquiz, Chile

… Dear friends, I am very grateful for your sounds, because your choir is one of the best I have ever heard in my life … Best wishes.

Diego Bosquet, Argentina

… It was not the first time I have heard you that evening, but for the final assessment of a conductor I always wait for the touchstone of interpretational skills, that is – at least for me – the interpretation of an elemental folk song (not an adaptation). That is what happened on Thursday.
You managed to refine the beauty of this lore with a very likeable choreography. Your performance was the crown of the evening and the people I spoke with shared my opinion. I had the opportunity to attend all evening events of the Slovenian cultural holiday – and this one was the most beautiful. Short, concise and on a high artistic level …
You have shown many times that you have a subtle taste for song selection, for imagination and persuasive interpretation, which glows from your face (it can only be seen on rare conductors and it reflects in the hearts of the singers and listeners).
Dear Mrs Karmina, it is truly a joy – in this flood of pretence and grasping for technically difficult compositions lacking any artistic value (with which many conductors are trying to conceal their lack of musicality) – to hear once again such pure and heart-felt music making. I thank you and your singers!
I wish you and your choir from my heart that you continue making people happy with your singing, the people who appreciate it, and I am sending my best wishes.

Prof. Janez Bole, Slovenia

… It was a beautiful and in many ways a rich and convincing concert.
Sincere congratulations and wish you a lot of similar successes!

Klavdij Koloini, Slovenia

Hallo to my world favorite choir and conductor …

Bosse Johansson, Sweden

… fantastic ambassadors of Slovenian music. But not only because of that. I think Karmina is very creative, and they have a wonderful programme.

Jean Claude Wilkens, Belgium

I've heard the Carmina Slovenica choir several times. This choir is undoubtedly at the very top of European and world choral music. Its performances here at America Cantat was one of the highlights of the festival …

Christian Ljunggren, Sweden

Rusalki are in each moment, each tone and each position.  I was most fascinated by the ability to change voices; sometimes in one composition, sometimes even in one time. The girls are extremely talented, but the real talent comes certainly from their conductor who is absolutely genius. For me it was all like a theatre of voices ...

Jacek Sykulski, Poland

… it is something I have not had a chance to experience in the world of choral music, and the girls with their adaptability to every situation and full concentration during the process are something special.

Irina Irahnovič, Russia

… I know Karmina Šilec because she is such a good conductor and I can feel that your country is proud of her. She works beautifully with young people and your choir is really like a professional choir. I don't like the words ‘professional and amateur’ much, because it is hard to say who can judge about it. Your choir is an outstanding choir and we are happy to be here with you.

Thorgedur Ingoofsdottir, Iceland

… I think it is a choir of exceptional quality …

Pekka Kostiainen, Finland

Carmina Slovenica has once again proven to be a first-rate choir, which is a joy to listen to. I am particularly impressed by the richness of repertoire diversity and extraordinary ability of adapting to all kinds of audience ...

Eillen Baldwin, Canada

... This choir is outstanding in all respects: the voices of singers and their harmony is excellent, they are able to perform in a variety of styles, at the same time they express the first-class ability to bring the choir to the highest artistic level. Congratulations!

Linde Beaupre, Canada

… This is an excellent, well disciplined choir that sings with both  exceptional musicality and a
wonderful technique. Congratulations! A lovely job!

Dr. Patricia Hennings, USA

… I was surprised at the immense choral culture, musicality and technical ability of these young singers, confidence in intonation and the courage which takes to perform such a modern programme. The guidance of the choir by the conductor Karmina Šilec was clear, confident, reflecting great insight and radiating positive energy. The concert was convincing in all aspects. It can certainly be placed among the best European choirs.
… BRAVO - for this outstanding and musically brilliant execution.

Hansruedi Willisegger, Switzerland

… Very good presentation. Excellent dynamic contrasts, exacting presentation. Very impressive! Wonderful presentation. This is really an outstanding choir. Congratulations!
The concert confidence of these girls was visible and audible. In terms of vocal, breathing and sound technique, these singers are in all aspects trained on a high level, they have an unbelievably even, beautiful tone and exemplary dynamic diversity. Here again: a rich applause and an insight that singing can go straight to the heart when it becomes a natural reflection of humanity and life.

Sharon Paul, USA

… Bravo! You are representatives of the best young people in the world! It is a joy listening to you! An outstanding choir. Fine dynamics contrasts, outstanding musicality, excellent intonation.

Tony Guzman, USA

Very expressive and colourful singing. Dynamically and agogically a very rich romantic presentation …

Judit Hartyanyi, Hungary

... Congratulations! Your Vampirabile programme has scored a great success!

Veljo Tormis, Estonia

… To hear Paskutines Pagoniu Apeigos and other pieces performed by your choir was a very pleasant surprise. Scenic solutions were particularly interesting.

Bronius Kutavičius, Lithuania

… The production is so full of life and artistic skill! The singers are (as I knew from before) on the highest level vocally, but also in terms of interpretation and capacity of creating something new and never seen on stage. It is a true honour to be part of such a performance. Your visions for a new kind of music-theatre is very inspiring … you have caught a very striking form of visual and musical poetry that is unique.

Thomas Jennefelt, Sweden

… Looks great, sounds great, cool music - I love electro pop!

Heiner Goebbels, Germany

… Your latest project is a MONSTER!!  How I wish there were more choirs like yours.  I am so tired of the usual choir repertoire.
… Most impressed!
… I am honored to have been presented at such a prestigious event (ISCM, ed. n.). I often think about your stunning choir and the astounding recording you sent me. I have never seen a choir which would combine music and movement so well and I consider myself lucky that such a wonderful group is performing my music.
All the best - maybe our paths will cross again.
… Wow! That tape you sent is amazing! I've never heard anything like it. It was very primal - the energy went really, really deep. I often felt like I was watching rituals of another planet. Everything worked intensely human … Everything was very wild and very disciplined at the same time. I loved what you did with TJAK. I don’t know how you do it. Where do you get the time for the amount of rehearsals needed to achieve such level of performance?
Well, I'm astounded. Also very excited - the tape was thrilling.

Stephen Hatfield, Canada

… Lovely to hear you! Good luck!

Karin Rehnqvist, Sweden

… Dear Karmina, dear singers, with a great admiration I follow your ways from Rome to Korea. Congratulations! Someone in another place often reminds you.
... Carmina Slovenica Choir from Maribor with its conductor Karmina Šilec is our great joy. This miracle from Maribor is being envied all over the world. The performance of my Urok (Spell) was unique.
... A great success of your Vampirabile programme!
... Admirer of your art ...

Lojze Lebič, Slovenia

... I can only say, just as I have expected, that I enjoyed endlessly listening to your CD: The work Carmine Slovenica is according to all standards, very outstanding!
... I really liked Vampirabile! Congratulations.

Ivan Moody, Great Britain

... Dear Karmina, congratulations on success in Berlin. You grandly succeeded.
Bor Turel, Slovenia

... Congratulations upon great artistic achievement and brave (re)creative act.

Jovanka Trbojevič, Finland (Serbia)

... The project Drum Café is a unique performance. Amazing performers, great atmosphere! I really liked it! The performance of my work Invocation of Rain was wonderful. I love your beautiful creative work.
Thank you very much. I am delighted to hear your performance and see your creative work with the choir. Your talent and pedagogical skills are of the highest quality and of great value to contemporary music. It was also amazing to hear throat singing harmonies, sung by the singers, especially the younger ones.

Halyna Ovcharenko, Great Britain (Ukraine)

... Thank you, Karmina! I enjoyed in performing and cooperation with you. Take care.

Vasko Atanasovski, Slovenia

… At such a demanding but exquisitely performed project of Rusalki, our warmest congratulations to You and to all the beautiful girls.

Urška Pompe, Slovenia

… I was so impressed about the voice's coulours. I found this concert so brilliant and fantastic that I wanted to congratulate you, really.

Valentin Villard, the Niederlands  

… Once again thank you for a truly amazing programme. I know I would have enjoyed in any case, but it was particularly welcome after so many concerts. I must tell you that your concert was an event most talked about. I think that the other composers at the festival are used to standard concert performances and it may never have crossed their minds that music could be so effective if played in this way. I also think that some were surprised at how successful the performance was: this happens when music comes first and you build the light and set design around it, and not vice versa. This is a great praise of your work and ideas. Bravo!

Mark Winges, USA

… It is with great admiration that I remember your wonderful performance at the World Music Days in Slovenia.

Andre Laporte, Belgium

... thank you very much for performing my work of Vampirabile ...

Adriana Hölzsky, Romania

... The programme worked out very exciting and I am sure that you and your choir did an excellent job.

Judith Shatin, USA

… This is wonderful singing spread around the world. Every aspect of music is given particular attention; the richness and intensity of results speak directly to the heart … It was a pleasure to listen again and again to the delicate singing of the Carmina Slovenica choir. Wonderful singing! This is a rarity. Congratulations!

Ron Jeffers, USA


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