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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.

When the mountain changed its clothing

Who will live after them? Their children.


About the project

From the Press

... vocal Theatre Carmina Slovenica beams through the soul like a laser ... You have to hear and see it to be able to believe it ...

... it is really astounding with what agility, body control, precision and speed the girls act – performing, speaking, singing ...

... chorus, who exhibited both great technical skill in their singing and proved themselves highly disciplined thespians as well ...
Opera Lively

... amazing vocal theatre Carmina Slovenica which fills the stage with relaxed bodiliness ...
Giornale Della Musica

... they can do anything ... with that marvellous energy, composure and professionalism ...
Le Monde

... Carmina Slovenica, who’ve gained a world-wide reputation for their powers of story-telling through choral song ... the girls’ power of memory in a foreign language were impressive … joyous moments of collective energy or anarchy that these astonishing performers shone, and the piece itself really came alive ...
The Telegraph

... a fascinating choral formation ... professional precision that leaves one speechless ...
Neue Musik Zeitung

... the world renowned ‘Vocal Theatre Carmina Slovenica’…  the theatrics and the beauty of music and glamour of vocals …
Theatre review Melbourne

... Carmina Slovenica (under conductor Karmina Šilec) is a phenomenon in itself ...
Financial Times

... deeply rooted, seemingly quite independent energy, that moves us ... with precise choreography and skilful brilliance that abounds in choral manoeuvres ...
Der Standard

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When the mountain changed its clothing
When the mountain changed its clothing
When the mountain changed its clothing
When the mountain changed its clothing