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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.

… chorus, who exhibited both great technical skill in their singing and proved themselves highly disciplined thespians ...
Opera Lively

project VAMPIRABILE in Hong Kong

international cooperation

Choregie project VAMPIRABILE About secret miracles Against evil spirits Against spells and monsters…   HKUST Shaw Auditorium, Hongkong: 3. and 4.August, 2024 at 20.00 Mythical worlds – rich, mysterious, never fully explored… Imagination and reality, nature...


new DVD released

Sheep, what are we waiting for? There's a wolf in the flock! Fortuna Won’t Be Fauvel’s Match! is based on a gothic allegorical verse romance in which the central metaphor for moral decay and decadence is an ambitious horse/ass. The main character – Fauvel – is an...


DVD released

DVD Op.1 : HOMO FABER released. Public presentation: 24.5.2024, Castle Rače, at 7.00 pm. BUY ...


choregie project

Karmina Šilec: OVIS Sheep have been central to the human story. OVIS  is a canvas on which the contents of histories of the world according to the sheep are projected: from the ancient Mesopotamia to the Medici family and begining of the opera, from the trade of wool that has eneded...

60 years of Carmine Slovenice

This year marks 60 years since Branko Rajšter founded the Maribor Youth Choir (MPZ) in 1964, an organisation that has been a phenomenon in the history of Slovenian culture from the very beginning.  Since 1989 it has been led by Karmina Šilec and under her leadership Carmina Slovenica...

op.1: homo faber

cross-disciplinary opera

concept: Izidor Leitinger and Karmina Šilec



Boštjan Gombač, multi-instrumentalist

Izidor Leitinger, electronics

Vocal ansamble Fantje na vasi 

Waver: Marta Gregorc 

Shoemaker: Saša Kovačev 

Carpenter: Slavko Kovše, Ivan Podgrajšek

Stonemason: Alojz Urnaut

Barrel maker: Stanko Lunežnik

Seamstress: Vesna Novitović

Music instruments repairman: Andrej Robnik 

Various craftsworks: Tone Žuraj, Primož Šušteršič, Perger Marko, Mustafa Miran, Kosi Miran, Trantura Darko, Brlič Pavel

Sound design: Danilo Ženko

Premiere: 9.12.2023, Minoritska cerkev Maribor


10.12.2023, Minoritska cerkev Maribor

3.3.2024, Gasilski dom Rače


new CD realise

  SPOTIFY APPLE AMAZON music by: Gavin Bryars, Sergej Rahmaninov, Aleksander Kastalski, Maurice Duruflé, Pablo Casals,Einojuhani Rautavaara, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Fran Gerbič, Jacob Cooper, Codex Las Huelgas, orthodox chants... ...