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Carmina Slovenica

Carmina Slovenica is a production house covering a variety of activities: production of concerts and stage projects, festivals, publishing and education programs.

… The art of choral singing of the choir, led by Karmina Šilec, and also their performance on stage, leave a strong impression. … a big applause for the dedicated performing girls …
Die Deutsche Bühne


THRENOS (for the Throat) awarded

The Carmina Slovenica production THRENOS (for the Throat), by composer Jacob Cooper, directed by Karmina Šilec, received the prestigious International award Music Theatre NOW.       Music Theatre NOW is the premier competition for first productions of new...

from choir music to immersive art

new perspectives

Concept in music direction: Karmina Šilec  Performers: ansambel !Kebataola!                     Choregie new music theatre Sound direction: Andrej Kobal    While listening to a concert, we usually sit in...



BABA is a canvas on which the contents of society's consciousness, its beliefs, the history and the present, knowledge and delusions are projected. It reminds us of the narrow-mindedness of the society that condemns every step and every action; it sang praises to women with a vocabulary adorned with the notions such as tradition, family, honour, and dignity, and hiding mythomania and misogyny behind them. It reminds us who created and buried the heroines Flora, Liljana, Suni, Lindita.

CD DERT endemic songs

release of a double album / world premiere

NEW: printed edition consists of book DERT with two CD's. SAMPLE CD 1/1 music:  Tellu Turkka    WORLD PREMIERE   LINK  CD 1/2 texts: Karmina Šilec  LINK  performed by: CHOREGIE novoglasbeno gledališče / New Music Theatre  ...


Kurt Schwitters

ONLINE CONCERT 3.1.2021  Kurts Schwitters: Ursonate In The Ursonate the word passes over into the sphere of pure sonority. The word reveals its inner alchemy and has its place, space, weight and colour. With the non-semantic sound poetry, escaping from the field of words and...


meditation with music

ONLINE LINK Music: S.Rahmaninoff, G.P. Pergolesi, M.Durufle, Orthodox chants, Traditional music, M.Head, K. Šilec, Codex Las Huelgas, A.Kastalsky and other Performers: Carmina Slovenica /Ansamble Kebataola /Youth choir Maribor Karmina Silec, conductor   Mother Mary...

ITI International Theatre Institute

Carmina Slovenica presentation at General Assembly 2020

PRESENTATION link ITI - World organisation for performing arts  Presentation of Slovenia at General Assembly on 14. December, 2020 presenter: Tatjana Ažman (SI)     last performance befor lockdown   ...